Child Safety and Wellbeing

At St Joseph’s child protection is extremely important to us. We work under the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL) guidelines and use their policies to guide the procedures that are implemented in our school.

Each year a select group of students work with our Child Safety Officer in regards to Child safety and how this can be expressed in child friendly language, so that they are able to be understood and valued by the school community of St Joseph’s.  These ‘Child Safety Standards for the children of St Joseph’s have become an important part of school culture.

At St Joseph’s we believe it is important to  

  • have respect for all and show compassion
  • allow children to speak out and have a voice in the school.
  • look out for one another
  • have teachers who look out for kids and make us feel safe 
  • include everyone regardless of their background

If you have any concerns or questions regarding child safety please contact Sharon Anderson at or David Forbes our Child Safety Officer at or phone 5655 2040

Please click on the links for a copy of the policies:

School TV Wellbeing resource Child Safety Commitment Statement Child Protection and Safety Policy Anti Grooming Policy Protection of Children - Failure to Protect Policy Cyber Safety Policy Protection of Children - Failure to Disclose Policy Privacy Policy Pastoral Care Policy Mandatory Reporting Policy Four Critical Actions for Schools Child and Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme Policy Duty of Care Policy Complaint and Grievances Management Policy Child Safe Volunteer and Visitor Code of Conduct Cyber safety Child safety DOSCEL website