At St Joseph’s, successful learning is a collaborative journey of curiosity and innovation where learners are empowered to question, seek solutions, make connections and take action in our world:

  • before quality learning can occur, students must feel safe.
  • all students can learn.
  • children learn cognitively, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.
  • children learn in a variety of ways at varying rates, and from numerous sources.
  • children need to value learning and recognise their responsibility in the learning process.
  • there needs to be an emphasis on basic skills of numeracy and literacy as the foundation that underpins the development of all other curriculum areas.
  • there needs to be a strong emphasis on the development of life skills.
  • learning needs to be challenging and enjoyable.

At St Joseph’s we teach children not subjects.

St Joseph’s curriculum, as with all Victorian schools is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

In addition to the key learning areas, St Joseph’s Primary School provides a range of programs and approaches designed to assist each of our children gain independence, responsibility, resiliency and personal success.

Additional Programs

  • Extending Mathematical Understanding, EMU.
  • Literacy Intervention Program, LLI
  • Parish Sacramental Program
  • Buddy Program
  • Bike Ed & Road Safety Program.
  • Camps Program
  • Daily Fitness
  • Transition Programs
  • Winter Sports Program